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Day 3: Mount Rushmore
Day 1: Wall, SD 2005
Day 2: Wounded Knee & Hot Springs
Day 3: Wind Cave, SD
Day 3: Mount Rushmore
Day 4: Drive through Wyoming
Day 5: Yellowstone
Day 5: Yellowstone part deux
Day 6: Yellowstone riding
Day 7: To Grand Teton
Day 8: Snake River and a bar-be-que
Day 9: Drive to Green River
Day 10: Fishing on the Green River
Day 11: Dinosaur
Swan Upping July 2005

We drove through Custer Park, fell in love with South Dakota, and then went to Mount Rushmore. This is where Bas put his arms around me and thanked me for bringing him to such a wonderful place.

The kids were fighting so we asked Paul to take our photo without them.

The five of us were really having fun together as we drove over

We did the tour with a ranger and looked up their noses

And ended the day with the three of us hanging out together as we have for 20 years