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Day 10: Fishing on the Green River
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Day 9: Drive to Green River
Day 10: Fishing on the Green River
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Swan Upping July 2005

We spent a lovely, mostly peaceful, day fishing on the Green River through the gorge just below the Flaming Gorge dam. Dramatic red rock cliffs, osprey and eagle, and many rainbow and brown trout.
Everyone had fun and caught fish, but Melanie most of all.
Sadly we lost the last third of the drift to a rescue mission for a white water raft with 14 people in it, only 3 paddles, several kids under 10 who could not swim, that overturned on a rapid. Fishing turned to fishing kids and then getting them down river as fast as possible to avoid hypothermia. It was lucky we were on the river when it happened.

We went out on drift boats below the Flaming Gorge dam

Melanie's first fish

My first fish

The canyon is dramatically beautiful and a good distraction when bored

Melanie has the talent and the bug - she caught the most fish