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Day 11: Dinosaur
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Day 11: Dinosaur
Swan Upping July 2005

Up early and out to Vernal and then Dinosaur National Monument. This area is true Utah: dramatic angled rock ledges, millions to billions of years of history captured in fossils.
Vernal is a small town with a wonderful dinosaur visitors center for kids, complete with a garden full of lifesize dinosaurs. Dinosaur itself is a huge national park, incredibly dry and beautiful, with a cliff face from the Jurrasic period containing over 700 bones in it, preserved for you to walk through and see. Stunning.
Following dinosaur we did the long drive to Steamboat Springs. We discovered one of the true differences between England and desolate long drives in America. Very small towns on the map in the US are 1 or 2 houses. Very small towns in the UK are a pub, a church and 1 or 2 houses. It took us nearly 100 miles of small towns to find lunch!

The visitors center looks like Jurassic Park - which came first?


We talked to them all...

Melanie liked the ostrich-like one on the left here the best

This is the center at the quarry face - first discovered in 1909

Walking back to the car though ancients rock layers

The Green River is now slow after carving through Dinosaur

Found a moose in Steamboat Springs - and had elk, buffalo and bear for dinner