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Swan Upping July 2005
Day 1: Wall, SD 2005
Day 2: Wounded Knee & Hot Springs
Day 3: Wind Cave, SD
Day 3: Mount Rushmore
Day 4: Drive through Wyoming
Day 5: Yellowstone
Day 5: Yellowstone part deux
Day 6: Yellowstone riding
Day 7: To Grand Teton
Day 8: Snake River and a bar-be-que
Day 9: Drive to Green River
Day 10: Fishing on the Green River
Day 11: Dinosaur
Swan Upping July 2005

G&G took Melanie and me swap-upping. This is an 800 year old tradition of marking the swans on the Thames for the Queen, the Worshipful Company of Dyers (Grandad's society) and the Worshipful Company of Vintners.


First they catch swans with new signets - and mark 50% for the queen, 25% for the Dyers and 25% for the Vinters.


They weigh and tag the swans - and let Melanie hold a signet!


After it is all over the Mamma swan swims away with her signets no worse for wear.

Granny and Melanie had a lovely day while Grandad partied with his company "the Worshipful Company of Dyers" on a boat on the Thames.