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Swan Upping July 2005

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Welcome to Bret's kiteboarding web-site. I put this together to make some stuff publicly available to the kiteboarding community. Let me know if this is useful or just a waste of time.

When I was in Maui in Feb 05, David Dorn of Action Sports Maui showed me how to retrofit my 2004 Naish v4 kites with a fifth line. I became an instant convert. There are many reasons why 5 lines are better than 4. Here are a few:-
1. Greater kite stability, especially in gusty conditions
2. Much Easier and safer re-launch
3. Much Easier and safer self rescue
4. Much less wear and tear on the kite in small shorebreak*
5. Greater range for the kite due to increased stability
(* Performance of 5th line in surf is a subject of debate, my experience is limited to small shorebreak of one foot or less)
It costs less than $100 to retrofit a kite and bar. On this web-site you will find what David taught me. But first here is a link to the Action Sports Maui site

Link to Action Sports Maui

Another super-helpful kite guru is John Holzhall. I got some of the components and lines at his shop. Great value. Here is a link to his site:-


How to retrofit a 5th line to your Naish kite

Teach an old dog to kite


Thanks for dropping by and taking a look at my site. Please get in touch with any comments or reactions!

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